Medical Practice Chiropractor Doctor Natural Healthcare Summit Success Announced

Healthovators have announced the success of a fourth Annual Cash Practice Success Summit for healthcare professionals.

Annual Cash Practice Success Summit
Annual Cash Practice Success Summit for healthcare professionals aims to showcase new methods, techniques and technology to revolutionize the healthcare field.

( — October 5, 2018) — The fourth annual Cash Practice Success Summit has been held to great acclaim, with attendees from as far afield as China and Taiwan. It was run by Healthovators, who are dedicated to teaching medical practices alternative methods to treat health issues without relying on drugs and surgery.

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Healthovators are committed to fixing a broken healthcare system with their work, and the summit is part of that commitment to chasing change. The fourth annual summit was a huge success, and the plan going forward is to continue to run it annually.

Medical practices are encouraged to attend so they can learn new ways to take their practice forward. The event is most ideal for practice owners and hospital administrators, MDs and DOs of any speciality, naturopathic physicians, and chiropractors.

In addition to this, it is great for physical therapists, acupuncturists, doctors of oriental medicine, nurses, physicians assistants, nutritionists, dentists, fitness studio owners and more.

The focus of the event is on creating a way for innovation in medicine centered around preventing and reversing chronic disease and pain using the body’s own ability to heal.

At the forefront of the philosophy behind the event is the belief that exercise, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle is the first line of treatment and recommendation in a new model of healthcare.

Attendees were able to discover cutting edge strategies, tactics and innovations for acquiring all the patients they can manage without overspending and wasting money on dead-end marketing.

For anyone in the healthcare field tired of working themselves to the bone, it offers evidence based clinical practices to help improve the working process.

Attendees learned new medical skills to change lives, how to integrate medical services to maximize patient outcomes, the best ways to leverage time, and how to get more patients faster.

Healthovators state, “We share with you our blueprint to benefit you and avoid the significant amount of time invested to create the strategic structure while avoiding many of the painful and costly mistakes we have encountered along the way.”

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