Good Samaritan Couple Help Man With Disfigured Ears

West Palm Beach Couple collaborates with local plastic surgeon, Dr. Fredric Barr, to help man with keloid scarring.

keloid scarring
Although keloid scarring isn’t harmful to a person’s health, they can cause symptoms such as pain, burning sensations or itchiness.

( — October 4, 2018) West Palm Beach, FLORIDA — Solomon McCalla was working at Walmart when a couple from West Palm Beach noticed his disfigured ears. Little did McCalla know that the couple was about to change his life.

McCalla suffered from keloids – an abundant growth of scar tissue – which had caused his earlobes to become enlarged with scars. His condition was a complication of trying to get his ears pierced.

Keloid scars develop when scar tissue grows abnormally. They consist of smooth, hard growths which proliferate beyond the boundaries of the initial wound and are much more obvious than typical scarring. Keloids don’t fade or get smaller over time.

Although keloid scarring isn’t harmful to a person’s health, they can cause symptoms such as pain, burning sensations or itchiness. Furthermore, they can be cosmetically unappealing and even cause disfigurement, as it did in McCalla’s case.

The Good Samaritan couple – who wish to remain anonymous –  was in Walmart collecting food donations for the missionary project Restoration Bridge International when they noticed McCalla. They described him as “a nice looking young man who was having to deal with keloids” and were moved by their faith as Christians to help him.

After researching the condition and speaking with several plastic surgeons, they approached  McCalla with an idea: they offered to use their own funds and with Dr. Barr’s generosity and skill together they were able to provide McCalla the treatment he needed to remove the scarring.

From there, the trio connected with Dr. Fredric Barr, a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in Palm Beach, Florida to move forward with the restoration of McCalla’s ears.

“Right from the beginning, Doctor Barr, Carla and the rest of his staff joined us in trying to give Solomon a better life,” the couple said.

The thickness and size of keloid scarring make them challenging to treat. The goal of treatment is to reduce the size and appearance of the scar. It is often not realistic to expect the scar to disappear entirely.

Keloids are typically treated with Cortisone injections first to help shrink the scar and soften the tissue. However, if the desired outcome is not achieved, the next step is surgery followed by radiation.   

After surgery, great care must be taken to optimize healing. The skin around the excision site of the keloid is susceptible to new keloid formation as it heals. Frequent follow-ups with the surgeon are recommended to optimize outcome.

McCalla underwent surgery a few weeks ago, and according to the couple, the results are “amazing.”

Because of their kindness, McCalla’s life has changed immensely. The surgery has restored his appearance and his confidence.

Furthermore, not only did the couple pay for the surgery but they cared for him afterward.

“They took me in as part of their family….they always made sure I was ok. I just really love them”, says McCalla.

The couple states the feeling is mutual. “Through this process, we seem to have gotten another grandson.”

The couple is currently on a cross-country road trip but is looking forward to seeing McCalla when they return.

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